Announcing Sandbox

Announcing Sandbox

We’re very proud to announce that today, we’re ready to show off what we’ve been working on for the past few months at StackFoundation: a developer tool called Sandbox. Sandbox is a tool for running Docker-based workflows which reliably automate your day-to-day development chores. Whether it’s building your application, running your automated tests, deploying your application, or any other mundane task you perform regularly, Sandbox can help you create new scripted workflows, or make your existing scripts for these tasks more reliable. If you’re a developer, we built Sandbox to be useful for you everyday.

A Pivot

We built Sandbox to address our own needs as developers. We built a tool for ourselves, which is why we think it would be very useful for other developers. But we’ve been wrong before about what others might find useful. For anyone that has seen StackFoundation’s earlier days, and our earlier work, this is a shift in product for us. We spent a bit over a year on our first product, and we were wrong about it’s appeal. Which is why this time we are releasing early.

It’s in Alpha

We’re releasing early, and we’re releasing while Sandbox is still a bit rough around the edges. We are doing this because we want to hear from developers, and we need help from developers.

If you are developer, we would love it if you could try running a simple workflow with Sandbox, and tell us how it goes. There are a lot of platform-specific nuances that we need help in getting right – if Sandbox fails to run on your machine, we especially want to hear from you. But we want to hear from you even if it all works as it was designed to. Leave a comment on the blog, tweet at us, file an issue on our GitHub issue tracker, find us on Gitter, or drop us an email. We want to hear what you think.

And just for anyone wondering: Sandbox is free, not just now in Alpha, butĀ also forever in the future.